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Phone Sex: A Masturbation Accessory For Your Ears
Like masturbation itself, phone sex has a stigma it doesn't deserve By Lindsay Moore [Lindsay Moore is an experienced phone-sex operator. She was employed by a Washington DC-area fantasy line for over two years, after which she started up her own successful 900 line, which she operated for an additional two years.] You know the feeling: You're kicked back, lubed up, stroking an enthusiastic erection, and letting your mind wander in search of just the right fantasy to inspire a gut-wrenching, vocal-cord-searing orgasm. Under the bed is a pile of magazines and videos, the total dollar value of which could fund a week-long vacation in Bangkok's red light district. But you're bored with them and wish you had something different right now. One alternative: Call to a phone-sex line. The qualifications necessary to indulge in a few minutes of live, facilitated masturbation are few: a minimum age of 18, and a healthy libido. For adults, phone-sex is an excellent masturbation accessory for many reasons. The caller is in control. You decide who to call, when to call, what to talk about, and how long to talk. On the other end of the line is an articulate, creative, horny-natured woman who loves her job and is available on demand for conversation on your chosen topic. Her job is to deliver your fantasy in the most believable way possible. Your pleasure is her immediate goal. If she is doing a good job, the sound of your energetic stroking is her reward her one-handed applause, if you will. The secondary goal of a phone-sex operator is to generate repeat business. She wants to be that extraordinary personalized factor your magazines and videos cannot provide. She is a motivated masturbation partner with absolutely no strings attached. Fantasy operators do this work because they like it. They find it exciting to hear men gasp, and very frequently they also touch themselves right along with the caller. When I did phone-sex work, there was not a single shift I worked wherein I was not able to enjoy at least one orgasm myself. I discovered that if I postponed self-gratification until the end of the night, I was able to maintain a higher level of excitement throughout my calls. This accurately translated as active participation and enjoyment to my clients. It was a win/win situation for everyone. A high percentage of callers look for simple, hot talk in which we simulated sex acts. This was a great source of pleasure for me, because I felt I was actually participating rather than narrating. If the fantasy included other people or special activities, I needed to be able to tell stories and graphically describe complicated scenes. The most requested fantasy was a threesome with two females. Not far behind were requests for domination and/or cross-dressing. A quality phone-sex operator is informed and articulate about these subjects and will not be shocked by callers who request them. Phone-sex fantasies provide a role-play escape for the caller in many ways. Does picturing yourself wearing pink panties to work under your cool computer-technician exterior make you groaningly aroused, even though you would never consider trying it? You can explore that possibility with an open-minded woman who has no interest in judging you. Does the idea of baring your backside for a spanking from a leather mistress predominate your masturbation fantasies? You probably wouldn't actually seek one out for real-life experimentation but your friendly phone-sex operator may be as close as you really want to get. She would be delighted to play the role of dominatrix and "paddle" your fanny all you want. On the other side of the line, you also have unlimited permission to be everything and anything you desire. You can tell the fantasy operator that you look exactly like Brad Pitt. You can say your name is Tiffany and describe your surreal bosom and tight rear-end squeezed into a vinyl micro-mini skirt. Phone fantasy provides a temporary escape from physical failings like a beer belly, weak chin, acne, or male-pattern baldness. For the next 7 glorious minutes you can be Fabio, and we can discover new and improved uses for "I Can't Believe It's Not Body Butter!" What kind of men call phone-sex lines? I can't say for sure. I do think it is a sad misconception that only "losers" or men without a current physical relationship engage in phone sex. It would be very wrong to assume they just don't have a better offer. I think many men appreciate the event on its own merits: It is instant gratification with a pseudo-partner who wants him now. It is an expedient route to orgasm completely on his terms. There is no need to overcomplicate it. He called, he talked dirty for 4 minutes, he masturbated, and he paid the $11.96 phone bill that's it. No big deal. Masturbation and fantasy go "hand in hand," and mental entertainment is the factor that transforms a physical function into a pleasurable event. I like to think of a fantasy as a penalty-free excursion of the mind the ultimate safe-sex act. I do not believe that every illicit fantasy that oozes into the a caller's mind is actually a wish, and I don't believe that facilitating exploration of that fantasy works as a catalyst to propel the caller into actively seeking a real life experience. If $14.95 buys five minutes of private sexual expression, I can see no harm. And despite some people's militaristic feminist viewpoints, I do not feel I have threatened gender equality or peace on Earth by unleashing a sexually validated man to wreak havoc and destruction. I feel safe in assuming that my callers returned, unaffected, to their normal lives as accountants, managers, construction workers, bartenders, and technicians. Phone sex in its purest form is about selling a simple product without hidden agenda on either side. However, I should also warn potential callers with unrealistic expectations. Please remember that you are speaking to a real human being. She may decline to perform a scenario she deems to be over the top or exceptionally cruel or disgusting. Fantasies of this type may include rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, scat, or abduction and torture. If you have an interest in topics such as these, you are best served to research the Internet for sites that advertise lines accommodating your tastes. They are not plentiful, but they do exist.

Tips For Phone-Sex Callers Be a smart consumer. Use your head (the one above your neck) and check out Internet and magazine ads in advance for a line that appeals to you and seems to be in your price range*. Don't wait until most of the blood is displaced from your brain to a more insistent area of the body before you look for a phone line to try. It;s the same as the "grocery store principle: never go food shopping when you are hungry.

Time is money. If you are budget-restricted, postpone the call until you are well into arousal. Sometimes getting a head start, so to speak, is smart time/money management. Consider putting your watch or a clock closeby so billable minutes don't get out of control.

Start small and be picky. Spend only two or three minutes with a fantasy operator at first. That's plenty of time to get a feel for her interest and talent as well as your mutual chemistry. If the experience doesn't leave you wishing you had more time, try another line the next time. Shop around until you find someone who blows off more than your socks. Ask what her work schedule is, and write it down for future use.

Have an idea. The absolute worst thing a fantasy operator faces is the caller who cannot think of a thing he wants to do and steadfastly refuses all of her suggestions. This is not only annoying for the operator, but you have set her up to fail, and she absolutely knows it. She recognizes you will definitely not hang up and think, "Oh, she couldn't do anything to please me. I'm a slow-witted dud who can't even communicate what I want." The truth is you will hang up and think, "What the hell was wrong with that bimbo? What a ripoff! I'm never calling that number again!"

Pay your bills. You think "blue balls" are bad? Just wait until you get black-balled by the phone-sex industry. Deadbeat callers have caused so much financial grief to the industry that phone-sex providers have become much more aggressive in tracking down problem customers. More savvy companies are sharing deadbeat identities so that stiffing one company (and not in a good way!) will result in the inability to use other company as well. Also, remember that sometimes the fantasy operator who was so good to you may now have her pay reduced due to your failure to pay.

Know the difference between fantasy and reality. Recognize that you are buying an illusion. Do not press the operator to meet you, give you life guidance, or have your baby. Repeat clients may be granted special privileges such as an e-mail address however, remember that this is still a business relationship, not a personal one.

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