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Fairy's and Feathers
Tossing Your Salad
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Car Maintenance
An Apple A Day
Piggie Assignment
Work Assignments
Pretty In Pink
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"I had to find a sex shop in a nearby city to buy a butt plug. I bought a box with many sizes and it cost much money. I am nervous and shy when I enter such a shop. How to hide from the other customers so nobody can see what I am looking for. And I am quite awkward in front of the sales clerk............
The next day before going to work, I took a butt plug inside then added my thong and stockings."
piggie fan
Another humiliating assignment!

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Your little weenie throbs with need.
You try to hide your desire to see a real man naked. At the gym, in public places. You become a crotch watcher. Your eyes travel down a man's chest to his belt and below. Hoping to see the outline of his perfect cock. His huge bull balls.
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