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"The assignments made by Sensuous Sam are complex and give some for both fantasy and genitalia !?! pp"

"Again becoming humiliated by Mistress Sam and a household- equipment !"

"Humiliating myself for Mistress Sam - again a mindfucking experiment !

"This will be a multiple test for a slave ! Several layers of humiliation ! pp "

"A very sweet and messy humiliating assignment !"
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I have some great results to post from my piggie who has been buying all my piggie assignments and sending me his results. I know you sissies and piggies will love reading these kinky "outcums". Lol
"How messy is it going to be this time, will it be possible to get the honey out of my pubic hair afterwards ??
Piggie-assignment-fan !!

"I had to find a sex shop in a nearby city to buy a butt plug. I bought a box with many sizes and it cost much money. I am nervous and shy when I enter such a shop. How to hide from the other customers so nobody can see what I am looking for. And I am quite awkward in front of the sales clerk............
The next day before going to work, I took a butt plug inside then added my thong and stockings."
piggie fan

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