International Callers Information
1. Set Up Account. If you don't already have an account.

Existing customers can go into your account page and change your phone number there. Add a skype or a fake usa number (USA phone numbers are 10 digits)  then click my buttons to call me.

You will find your number in your personal information. Change your number to any USA number or a Skype number. That should allow you to then make your calls to me.
The number must contain the same number of digits as american numbers (10-11)
It does not have to be a real number for this method. Then call the 1 800 ToFlirt and choose from your favorites. Add me!
they can get a skype US phone number and then forward the call to tiAfter you have changed your phone number in your account try to click my call button. Make sure you add me to your favorites. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>

Call Me Now!
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New Callers Or Old Customers
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Sex Quiz
Try calling the  1 800 TO FLIRT (1 800 863-5478) and entering the flirt's extension you wish to speak with. My #0497-885
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(Calling from outside the United States or Canada)
2.You will need your account "PIN" This allows you make calls through the phone system. Your pin can be found by going to your main account page and on the right under Personal Information, clicking view details.

You can also see it on listings pages
on the left hand side of each listing.
It will look like this.

Rate: $1.99 per min.

Send Mail

Pay a Tribute

Add to My
Favorite Flirts

Read feedback

your PIN to call me on 1-800-TO-FLIRT

extension: 0484-311

*International calls:
Until you sign in, the rate you see does not include
international long distance charges
There are changes to the system often so you may have to try all these options or the old way of calling niteflirt.
Call Button
3. Use your phone to call into niteflirt's site. You will dial:
00-1*-800-863-5478 or
(00-1-800-TO FLIRT)
(This includes the International code)

Next you'll be asked for your PIN and you will be asked to enter a phone number associated with the account. (You don't have to call from that phone)
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This should also allow you to make purchases of pictures and anything else I sell. Let's cum together.
<~~~You will Click there to get PIN number.
Click for the web's best phone sex on